Fasteners are vital parts of any component, and the only way to make sure they will last is to qualify them through testing. Element’s fastener, screw, and bolt test testing methods are designed to evaluate every aspect of your fastener’s performance, from tensile strength to rotational capacity.

Two fasteners may look alike but they can behave very differently. While one bolt holds its predicted load without fail, the other may shear off prematurely at low temperatures. Our experts help ensure that your fasteners and equipment are fit for purpose, no matter what the application.


Fastener, screw, and bolt testing services

 Some of the fastener testing we offer includes:

Our fastener, screw, and bolt test methods

Element’s fastener, screw, and bolt tests are designed to help you meet regulations, develop new products, and understand the properties and limits of your components. We understand the mission-critical nature of fasteners and can help you make sure that your projects go right.


The Element advantage

Our dedicated experts have years of experience with fastener testing and are knowledgeable about the latest regulations and requirements. We are always open to discussing new projects and solving your toughest challenges. 

For more information about our fastener, screw, and bolt test methods, or to receive a quote, contact us today. 

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